Cathal O’ Sullivan

Cathal O’ Sullivan

Founder and Managing Director of Sullivan Golf & Travel

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Meet our Founder: Cathal

At the age of 24, Cathal launched Sullivan Golf & Travel in 2004 from his parent’s house in Monagea, County Limerick (approx. one hour from famous Ballybunion!) It is thanks to the great support of his family that over 10 years later, the business continues to thrive from its new base in Trim, County Meath (Braveheart the Movie was set there)

Prior to starting Sullivan Golf & Travel, Cathal worked with Golf Tour Operators in Westport, Connecticut as well as Dublin, Ireland before making a fresh start and starting his own Golf Travel Business.

Cathal has learned that a successful trip begins from the moment the enquiry lands in the Office. “I feel it is very important that the Golfer wishing to enquire about his/her dream golf vacation gets a great welcome from our staff from the time they make first contact. This in turn lets to a positive friendly relationship throughout the proposal process until a commitment is made on their Golf Trip. Travelling to Ireland or Scotland is a big ask whether you are coming from North America, Asia, Australia or even from Europe so this relationship plays a huge part in the success of the trip once it does begin”

Over the years, Sullivan Golf & Travel has added additional destinations such as England, Wales, Spain and Portugal plus as a Member of International Association of Golf Tour Operators it also means they can arrange trips throughout the World. However, it is Ireland and Scotland that continue to lead the way in terms of the Links Golf Experience so many golfers crave.

As for the founder Cathal – what are his plans? “Fortunately the world is huge and opportunities are limitless so we will continue to promote Sullivan Golf & Travel around the world. It is a great industry to be involved in and I am very grateful to my family, staff, clients and suppliers for all their assistance.”

Cathal lives in Trim, County Meath with his Wife Tracy and Three Sons Seán, Orán & Cillian.